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For the protection of our customers, we provide a secure server for those services that contain confidential information. This information is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL), that was developed so that only the intended recipient should be able to decypher messages addressed to them. This will significantly improve security of data provided by or for members. Browser Requirements

In order for our secure service to be used, your browser must support SSL. If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server or firewall, these must also support SSL. Common browsers that support SSL are:

  • Firefox
  • Netscape Navigator
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

Other browsers may also support secure transactions. Please see your browser's documentation for details. If you are unsure, you may click on the link below to test your browser and proxy server configuration. If you do not receive a response from our server then unfortunately you will also be unable to access our secure services.

To assist in our efforts at resolving any problems you may have, please consult your ISP to ensure that your proxy server allows SSL transport before contacting us.


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